Bobi Wine Addresses Security Forces and Residents During Nationwide Tour

Bobi Wine starts country wide mobilization
PHOTO - Courtesy - Bobi Wine's Address to Security Forces and Citizens Across the Nation
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The leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), Mr. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, known as Bobi Wine, has been touring various parts of the country. During a recent rally in Mayuge Town, he expressed his view that the police and Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) soldiers have missed out on salary increments that he claims he would have implemented had he been elected President.

Addressing the crowd, Bobi Wine stated, “Let me remind security what you have missed since Mr. Museveni stole my election; Shs1 million for the lowest-ranking police and UPDF officer.” He highlighted that approximately 30 months had passed since the election, emphasizing that President Museveni is the reason for their economic struggles.

Bobi Wine continues to assert that the 2021 election, won by President Museveni, was rigged. He maintains that he won the polls but alleges that his votes were stolen. Additionally, during his speech, Bobi Wine shared that in the Busoga Sub-region, he was given various regalia befitting a head of state, including an oar.

“I have been given an oar in remembrance of those who have disappeared in the lakes due to UPDF’s actions,” he added. “When I return, I’ll be handing over your lake, and when I become President, my first directive will be that all soldiers vacate the lakes.”

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Bobi Wine’s visit to Mayuge was prompted by concerns raised by Ms. Rita Nakayizza, the NUP Woman MP flag bearer in the 2021 elections, who had received complaints from fishermen about harassment on lakes and poor working conditions on landing sites.

Explaining the purpose of his countrywide tours, Bobi Wine stated, “I am not here for campaigns or to get votes because you already voted for me; however, I am here to prepare you to know that anytime you know what to do.”

Moreover, Bobi Wine conveyed to the residents of Busoga that recent coups in Africa, including the one in Gabon where President Ali Bongo was toppled by the army, demonstrate the power of the people. He expressed that although he believes they could have ousted President Museveni, he wants the people to take power in their majority.

During the gathering, former Bunya East and South MPs, Mr. James Waira Kyewalabye and Mr. Robert Ntende, defected from the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party to NUP.

Bobi Wine’s countrywide tour has taken him to various regions, including Mbarara, Kasese, Fort Portal, and Mayuge. Notably, in the 2021 elections, President Museveni lost in his traditional strongholds of Buganda and Busoga. In Busoga, President Museveni received 404,862 votes, while Bobi Wine garnered 437,059 votes.

President Museveni only secured victories in three of Busoga Sub-region districts, but faced defeats in several others. It’s important to mention that Prime Minister Ms. Robinah Nabbanja previously called on locals to change their attitude towards President Museveni, referring to the 2021 General Elections where he polled 47 percent of the votes in Mayuge District, against 53 percent for Bobi Wine.

Mr. Aggrey Bagiire, the Bunya West Member of Parliament, attributed President Museveni’s lower vote share to the perceived mistreatment of fishermen by UPDF soldiers involved in combating illegal fishing activities on Lake Victoria. Bagiire warned that if this mistreatment continues, the National Resistance Movement could still receive fewer votes in the 2026 polls.

However, Ms. Nabbanja pledged to return to Mayuge to meet with fishermen and address their concerns regarding alleged harassment.

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