Bobi Wine Slams Government’s Handling of Office Opening

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Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine expressed frustration and criticism towards the government for obstructing the official opening of his political office. This event, meant to be a milestone in his political career, was marred by what Wine described as “cowardly regime” tactics.

Key Points in Bobi Wine’s Press Release

Issue Bobi Wine’s Perspective
Office Opening Obstruction Accuses the government of blocking the official office opening.
Security Concerns Questions the government’s claim of insufficient manpower for security.
Excuses for Delay Criticizes the government’s changing excuses for the obstruction.


Office Opening Disrupted

Bobi Wine’s press release sheds light on the controversial circumstances surrounding the inauguration of his political office. According to him, the government, which he referred to as a “cowardly regime,” deployed significant resources to prevent the event from taking place.

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Security Concerns or Excuses?

One of the main points of contention arises from the government’s claim of lacking the manpower needed for adequate security during the office opening. Bobi Wine questions the sincerity of this statement, particularly given the government’s apparent determination to block the event in the first place.

Shifting Excuses

The press release also highlights the ever-changing justifications provided by the government for obstructing the event. Initially, authorities pointed to President Gen. Museveni’s presence in Kawempe on the same day as a reason for the delay. This explanation, however, failed to convince Bobi Wine and his supporters.

Delayed Opening

In response to the government’s obstructions, Bobi Wine decided to postpone the official opening of his office to the following day. His hope was that the government would not find yet another excuse to interfere.

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