Bobi Wine’s Rallying Cry: Ousting Museveni from Power in Lira Radio Talk Show

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Bobi Wine Promises to Oust Museveni from Power on Live Radio Talk Show in Lira as Part of 'Mobilization Tour'
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Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, also known as Bobi Wine, addressed the people of the Lango sub-region on 88.0 Voice of Lango FM, located on Obote Avenue, on Thursday at 12:46 PM, close to 1:30 PM.

He later opened the NUP regional office for the Lango Sub-Region at Junior Quarters. The event was hosted by B.F Otim Ogwal. Bobi Wine stated that if the police do not cause chaos,

“In December 1980, there was an election between Dr. Milton Obote and Ssemogere. Museveni and Kahinda Otafire joined the war, and after the war, President Museveni came to power. But almost 40 years later, he has destroyed everything. I am going to Luwero District tomorrow to continue telling our people to kick President Museveni out of power,” said Kyagulanyi Ssentamu. He justified that they are more than just a political party.

Bobi Wine received a warm welcome in Lira City as he entered the city with a large crowd of NUP supporters. Hon. Gilbert Olanya, the Member of Parliament for Kilak North County, said the majority of MPs in parliament, including NRM members, are supportive of People Power. He emphasized that Uganda should not be governed like a clan. He also stressed that the most important thing is bringing about change in Uganda.

Daniel Okello, Mawa Geoffrey, Abia of Moroto County, Alebtong, and various media reporters, among others, accompanied him in the studio. The visit has been dubbed the “Mobilization Tour: Wake Up Uganda.

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