Breaking News – Bobi Wine Arrested upon Arrival at Entebbe Airport

Breaking News - Bobi Wine Arrested upon Arrival at Entebbe Airport
PHOTO - Courtesy - Breaking News - Bobi Wine Arrested upon Arrival at Entebbe Airport
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Bobi Wine, the leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), was arrested at Entebbe Airport upon his return to Uganda from South Africa.

Mathias Mpuuga, the leader of the opposition in parliament, expressed concern on his social media platform, saying, “The regime has arrested our President upon arrival at Entebbe Airport. We set out to receive him today, but the security measures did not allow him to go through immigration. We are following up for his safety.”

The NUP President was taken into custody upon his arrival at Entebbe Airport, sparking controversy over his arrest for simply returning to his homeland.

President Bobi Wine was swiftly rushed away by authorities after arriving at Entebbe Airport, where he was subsequently arrested.

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The Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Mr. Patrick Onyango, explained that security agencies had received credible intelligence regarding plans by political activists, especially from the National Unity Platform (NUP), to mobilize the public for an unauthorized welcome event for Bobi Wine.

The police warned of heightened security deployment along Entebbe Road and other routes leading to Bobi Wine’s residence in Magere, Wakiso District, to prevent the planned unauthorized gathering. Mr. Onyango urged the organizers to cease their mobilization efforts, and he advised the public not to participate in any illegal processions, stating that those found engaging in such activities would be taken to court.

In an effort to maintain security, roadblocks were set up at various points along the route to the airport, including Zzana, Kajjansi, Kisubi, and others, where vehicles heading to the airport were thoroughly checked. Additionally, three checkpoints were established from Kitooro to the airport, aside from the usual ones.

Mr. Onyango praised the public for not participating in the unauthorized activities, including boda boda riders, taxi operators, the business community, and young people in the ghetto.

Bobi Wine, who had been conducting international mobilization tours in Canada and South Africa, was expected to arrive in Uganda on the following morning at 10 am.

This announcement came after seven NUP supporters were arrested in Entebbe for holding an illegal assembly.

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