Cabinet Reshuffle Spells Uncertainty for Ministers Entangled in Karamoja Iron Sheet Scandal

Iron sheets cabinet
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Recent reports indicate that these ministers are expected to not only lose their cabinet positions but also face sanctions, barring them from holding any party responsibilities until 2028. The decision is said to be based on public interest.

A security report, which was presented to President Museveni a few days ago, outlined the actions to be taken against the ministers implicated in the scandal. Furthermore, there are expectations that the former Prime Minister, Ruhakana Rugunda, may make a return to the new cabinet. Other ministers expected to make a comeback include Aidah Nantaba, Iren Muloni, and Kiwanda Godfrey.

President Museveni had previously instructed his security team, led by Major Tom Magambo (Director CID) and the head of the Anti-corruption unit Afande Isoke, to investigate the saga thoroughly and prosecute any ministers found culpable.

The investigation report was divided into two parts: “Aggravated theft” and “misconduct.” The former concerned ministers who had used the iron sheets for personal investments, while the latter dealt with those who had kept the iron sheets for future use, including the upcoming NRM primary elections.

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Those ministers found with the iron sheets at their homes are already in court on charges of aggravated theft, while those who returned the sheets are expected to be dismissed from their positions, depending on the quantity of iron sheets each received.

Among the seven ministers facing possible dismissal are four from the Office of the Prime Minister, two from the Finance Ministry, and one from the Bukedi subregion.

Additionally, President Museveni is considering changes in the NRM secretariat. He is planning to replace one of the top leaders with a cabinet appointment. There are also expected changes in the positions of NRM EC chairpersons, with appointments from Busoga and Toro.

Several months ago, news broke of the arrest of three ministers, including Maria Goreti Kitutu and Amos Lugoloobi, along with various officials who were accused of diverting iron sheets intended for the disadvantaged people of Karamoja, particularly the Karachunas.

President Museveni’s response to the situation includes the removal of these implicated ministers and replacing them with new faces, with the details to be disclosed in the near future. He has promised political action against the guilty ministers and urged the Director of Public Prosecutions to prosecute others involved, labeling the scandal as an act of terrorism and economic sabotage.

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