Crowd Politics Face Ultimate Test in Hoima District By-Election

Hoima District By Election Campaigns Will Put Crowd Politics to Test
PHOTO - NUP/X - Hoima District By Election Campaigns Will Put Crowd Politics to Test
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In Hoima District on Thursday, September 14, 2023, there will be a by-election. This election is important because it might show how much support there is for Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, and his ideas for change.

Before this election, Bobi Wine has been holding big rallies with many people. Pictures of his rallies where he was welcomed by a lot of supporters became famous.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) party, led by Bobi Wine, wants to change things in Hoima. In the past, not many people in Hoima voted for NUP, but this election might be different.

There are 94,824 registered voters in Hoima District. They will decide the outcome of this election. This election is important for Bobi Wine, who has been campaigning hard for weeks.

Bobi Wine has been campaigning in many places in Uganda without any problems from the police or military. This made people think he is gaining support to challenge the current president, Yoweri Museveni, who has been in power for 37 years.

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In the last election in 2021, Hoima District voted mostly for Museveni’s party, the NRM. They gave only 10,973 votes to Bobi Wine.

In this election, Moses Aguuda is the candidate from NUP. He wants to bring change to Hoima, which has faced problems like a bad economy and land conflicts.

Bobi Wine says this election can show that people are tired of Museveni’s rule. He said this in front of a big crowd in Kigorobya Town Council, which is close to Uganda’s oil wells.

The main competition in this election is between Aguuda and Uthuman Mubaraka Mugisha, who is also from the NRM. Mugisha is the son of the former district boss and comes from a powerful family in Hoima politics.

There is another candidate, Vincent Savana Muhumuza, who is running as an independent. He used to be in the NRM but left because of problems in their primary election.

Patrick Musinguzi from the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Lenox Mugume, an independent candidate, are also running but face challenges in gaining support.

People in Hoima are looking closely at this election. They think it can say a lot about the politics in Uganda. Some say that if NRM wins or loses, it will show something about the party’s leadership. Others believe that if NUP wins, it will show that the opposition is getting more support in rural areas.

Election observer Brian Ayesiga hopes for a fair election to understand the outcome better. He says that right now, many politicians are in Hoima, which makes it feel like there’s only one side. But if the election is fair, it will give a true picture.

Even though Bobi Wine’s nationwide campaign was banned by the police, many people in Hoima believe that this election is a test for crowd politics in Uganda. Some are already thinking about the 2026 general election and what it might bring.

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