FDC Chief Whip Nsibambi Calls for Reconciliation Within Party Ahead of 2026 Elections

fdc faces challenges ahead of crucial elections in katonga division
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Yusuf Nsibambi, the chief whip of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party in parliament, has issued a call for unity and reconciliation within the party as preparations for the 2026 elections gain momentum. Nsibambi’s statement aligns with the broader efforts of the FDC leadership to address internal conflicts and foster cohesion ahead of the upcoming elections.

“I appreciate the party leadership’s commitment to resolving internal conflicts, and it seems the situation is improving,” stated Nsibambi. His call for reconciliation comes as the FDC aims to strengthen its internal unity and present a united front in the political landscape.

While some members of the FDC have expressed support for the reconciliation initiative, concerns have been raised about Nsibambi’s suitability to lead the effort, with questions about his understanding of the origins of the internal divisions within the party.

In a statement, Nsibambi unveiled a transformative roadmap for the 11th Parliament, emphasizing the need for a healthy and functioning party. He acknowledged the support from colleagues since his appointment at the national delegates conference in October 2023.

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As part of the restructuring of the FDC’s leadership, Nsibambi assigned 31 FDC Members of Parliament to the 13 standing committees of parliament, following consultations with the Chief Opposition Whip. The House approved this arrangement on January 9, 2024.

Looking ahead, Nsibambi outlined plans for a caucus meeting to elect FDC Parliamentary Caucus representatives in the FDC National Executive Committee (NEC) and establish the Caucus leadership. He expressed his intention to strengthen the relationship between the Parliamentary Group and the Party leadership at Najjanankumbi.

Nsibambi also highlighted concerns about the limited time allocated to parliamentary standing committees to scrutinize sectoral budgets and proposed the establishment of sub-committees to address the workload effectively.

In addition, he announced monthly engagements with the media to provide updates on the FDC Parliamentary group’s activities and programs both inside and outside Parliament.

Addressing the outcomes of the 17th National Council meeting held on December 15, 2023, Nsibambi discussed key policy directions and announced the invitation for expressions of interest from those intending to contest on the FDC ticket for the 2026 General Election.

The process is scheduled to begin on January 12 and conclude on March 5, 2024, at the party headquarters. Nsibambi also congratulated the newly designated opposition leadership in Parliament by the National Unity Platform (NUP) and expressed the FDC Parliamentary Group’s commitment to collaborating on a joint Opposition Legislative agenda.

He pledged to work with other change-seeking forces across the political spectrum to champion people-centered change for Uganda, setting a tone of commitment and collaboration as the 11th Parliament embarks on its legislative journey.v

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