FDC Leaders Encourage Delegates to Uphold Party Headquarters’ Directives

FDC Leaders Stress Unity and Grassroots Mobilization for Party Success
FDC Leaders Stress Unity and Grassroots Mobilization for Party Success
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The leaders of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party have advised newly elected delegates to adhere to the directions given by the party’s headquarters in Najanankumbi, rather than aligning with the Katonga faction. The Katonga group has been accused of obstructing the party’s progress.

During the swearing-in of newly elected FDC delegates in Buikwe district on Tuesday, the leaders stressed the importance of grassroots efforts and mobilization for the main elections. However, they expressed concerns about certain influential figures within the party who discourage these activities, posing a threat to internal party democracy and fair electoral processes.

Jimmy Kanabi, the Buikwe LC V chairperson and FDC leader in the district, acknowledged the contributions of party leaders from both Najanankumbi and Katonga. Nevertheless, for the sake of continuity, he urged delegates to follow the official party stance from the recognized headquarters. Kanabi also called on delegates to shift their focus from internal conflicts to mobilizing grassroots support for the party and strengthening their position for the upcoming national elections.

He stressed the importance of avoiding a victim mentality and effectively conveying their political ideas to potential voters. John Bosco Aseya, the mayor of Lugazi municipality and FDC chairperson in the area, highlighted the significance of empowering young leaders to succeed the party’s founding members in influential positions. He cited Nelson Mandela’s example in the African National Congress (ANC), where founding members passed on their ideas to the next generation.

Jamal Wante, a member of the FDC’s legal team, advised delegates to correctly interpret the party’s constitution and avoid being misled by self-interested individuals. He called for the support of party elders, including Dr. Kiiza Besigye, in strengthening internal democracy and welcoming new leaders and ideas.

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Moses Attan, a former Soroti East county MP and FDC’s national executive committee (NEC) member, highlighted the importance of district delegate elections to prevent the party’s deregistration as the term of national leaders expires in the first week of October. He also mentioned discussions about potential coalitions with other opposition parties and the need for legal frameworks.

Richard Muyombya, the FDC Buikwe district treasurer, encouraged colleagues to promote unity and respect for diverse opinions to help the party thrive in Buikwe district.

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