FDC Party to Introduce Online Registration for New Members, No More Party Cards

Robert Centenary returns to FDC
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The FDC party will introduce a new system for registering new members using online registration through a mobile application.

Under this system, new members will be required to download the FDC app on their computer or smartphone, enter their details, and pay the registration fees.

Speaking at Resto Court Hotel Kamdini on September 29 during a meeting of FDC party members in northern Uganda, the party’s president, Patrick Oboi Amuriat, explained that the purpose of this new registration system is to prevent frustration among party leaders caused by some members who use party cards to defect to another party. With this new approach, there will be no use of party cards during the registration process; instead, members will pay their membership fees online.

He further stated that party cards will be issued only to leaders and certain qualified members, but not to supporters.

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Currently, the FDC party is conducting regional party members’ meetings as they prepare for their general election for party leaders on October 6th in Kampala.

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