FDC Sets Timeline for National Executive Committee Elections

Opposition Party FDC Reveals Plan for Leadership Elections
Opposition Party FDC Reveals Plan for Leadership Elections
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The Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has shared its plan for the upcoming elections of National Executive Committee (NEC) members.

In a press conference held at their Najjanankumbi office, the party’s deputy spokesperson, Mr. John Kigonyogo, announced that the process for obtaining candidacy forms for all 34 NEC positions, including the party president and four deputy presidents, will commence on September 8 and conclude on September 12.

These positions also encompass the party’s national chairperson, four regional chairpersons, general secretary, general treasurer general, secretary for mobilization, secretary for information and publicity, secretary for women and youth affairs, secretary for people with disabilities, and legal affairs, among others.

Mr. Kigonyongo stated, “Nominations for our NEC members are about to commence, and all positions, from the President to the secretary for elders, should be filled by October.”

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The party mandates that all candidates who collect forms return them between September 13 and 16, except for those competing for positions within the party’s cabinet (Working committee). These individuals, including the party president, four deputies, chairpersons, secretary general, treasurer, and their deputies, should return their forms between September 17 and 18.

The election of NEC members is scheduled to take place during the National Delegates Conference on October 6 at the UMA Show Grounds, just two days before the current leadership’s tenure expires.

Although eligible for re-election, the party president, Mr. Patrick Amuriat, has not expressed interest in running again.

In a separate development, Mr. Amuriat has called for another meeting with the party chairman, Mr. Wasswa Birigwa, to reconcile the conflicting party delegates’ conferences.

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This meeting is slated for Wednesday at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi. Mr. Kigonyogo explained that Mr. Birigwa will have an opportunity to clarify the need for organizing a meeting while the party is already planning NEC elections. Should Mr. Birigwa fail to attend, the party will proceed with the October elections for national leadership.

Last week, Mr. Birigwa was expected to meet Mr. Amuriat but did not appear for the meeting. When contacted, he stated that he was meeting with his team and would hold a press conference.

Tensions within the party escalated when it was revealed that there were two upcoming and competing national delegates conferences, one called by Mr. Birigwa and the other by the party’s electoral commission chairperson.

Despite different agendas for the two conferences, both require substantial budgets to accommodate over 1,700 delegates from various parts of the country, leaving party supporters uncertain about the two simultaneous events.

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The extraordinary conference called by Mr. Birigwa is expected to focus on receiving reports from the party chairman, party president, secretary general, and the treasurer general, followed by plenary sessions, resolutions, and adjournments.

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