Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Calls for Unity with Katonga Faction

forum for democratic change fdc calls for unity with katonga faction
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The new leadership of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has taken steps to reconcile with its dissenting members, urging those interested in rejoining the party to return to the party headquarters.

The breakaway faction had established itself on Katonga Road in Kampala.

In his inaugural address as the FDC party spokesperson, John Kikonyogo assured that the internal disputes within the party had subsided, and normal party activities had resumed without any inclination towards further conflicts.

Kikonyogo made this announcement during a weekly media briefing held at the party’s headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Kampala.

He emphasized, “The infighting in FDC has ceased. We are now focused on serious party matters. Our fellow members from Katonga Road are welcome to come back to Najjanankumbi if they choose. We have no issues with any of them.”

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Kikonyogo further encouraged the Katonga Road members to acknowledge that the leaders in Najjanankumbi operate within the bounds of the law and encouraged them to consider reuniting for the progress of the party instead of engaging in unproductive conflicts.

Addressing the matter in Luganda, later translated into English, Kikonyogo, along with the party’s electoral commission chairperson Boniface Bamwenda, stated, “Our colleagues know the truth. We defeated them in court, in the bank, and in Parliament. This signifies that we are the legitimate party. In Buganda, once you’ve won a battle and your opponent is down, there’s no need to keep fighting.”

Restoring Order within the Group

Shortly after his re-election for another five-year term as FDC president on October 6, 2023, Patrick Oboi Amuriat hinted at the possibility of taking the Katonga Road faction to the party’s disciplinary committee to reestablish order.

Amuriat mentioned, “There should be no distinction between Katonga and Najjanankumbi within FDC. We will have a unified FDC. I want to emphasize that we won’t tolerate mischief, misrepresentation, or any attempts to claim positions. We won’t tolerate blackmail or forgery. As the party president, I am issuing a warning, and those involved may face the party’s disciplinary committee.”

However, as of now, Kikonyogo stated that no action had been taken regarding this matter.

Up until October 6, when FDC conducted its national executive committee (NEC) elections during a national delegates’ conference, the party had been embroiled in internal disputes among its top leaders. These disputes led to the creation of a faction based on Katonga Road, led by former party leader Kiiza Besigye and Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago. Katonga Road is home to Besigye’s private offices.

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