Government Delivers New Homes for Families of NRA Veterans

government delivers new homes for families of nra veterans
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Houses Handed Over to Families of Liberation War Heroes

In a significant recognition of the contributions made by civilian veterans of the 1980s Liberation War, the government, through the Ministry of Luwero-Rwenzori Triangle, has initiated the handover of brand-new houses to surviving family members. These houses are constructed as a tribute to the sacrifices made during the war.

On Thursday, Minister Alice Kaboyo officially handed over the first house to the family of the late Luttamaguzi Babumba, who was tragically executed by UNLA soldiers on June 9th, 1981, in Kikandwa, now part of Nakaseke district.

Luttamaguzi, who served as the village chairperson of Kikandwa, played a crucial role in the National Resistance Army (NRA) as a spy and was responsible for recruiting members into the rebellion. Unfortunately, he fell victim to betrayal by fellow villagers, resulting in his untimely death, along with many others.

The newly constructed house was presented to Luttamaguzi’s surviving son, Sam Luttamaguzi, in a ceremony attended by local leaders and representatives from the UPDF (Uganda People’s Defence Forces).

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Three additional houses have been completed and are slated for delivery to beneficiaries in Budaka, Mukono, and Wakiso districts, while a fifth house is currently under construction in Mbarara.

During the handover, Minister Kaboyo encouraged Sam Luttamaguzi to maintain the house well and participate in government development programs to improve his family’s economic situation. She urged them to consider commercial farming and engage with initiatives like PDM for poverty alleviation.

Additionally, the Minister emphasized the importance of preserving the land provided by President Museveni for future agricultural projects, cautioning against dividing the land.

The construction of these new houses was carried out by the UPDF’s National Enterprise Corporation (NEC). Eng Brian Buhanda, representing the NEC, expressed their readiness to undertake similar projects and requested further opportunities, emphasizing their ability to deliver quality work within the stipulated timelines.

Maj John Kaddu, speaking on behalf of Luttamaguzi’s family, expressed gratitude to the government and President Museveni for this benevolent act. He called upon other families of NRA veterans and NRM supporters in the Luwero Triangle to unite and safeguard their party’s reputation against internal and external challenges.

However, Kaddu also pointed out the inadequate infrastructure in Nakaseke district, highlighting the need for improved roads.

In response, Rosemary Byabasaija Amooti, the Nakaseke district representative, promised to address the state of the district’s roads, utilizing the annual allocation from the government.

Minister Kaboyo reassured the local veterans about the impending resumption of the “akasiimo” money, which was temporarily halted by President Yoweri due to concerns regarding the disbursement process. She announced that the President would soon meet with the veterans’ verification committee, leading to the resumption of the disbursements.

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