Hon Kangwagye Stephen, a Blessing for Bukanga Constituency 

IMG 20230915 WA0062
IMG 20230915 WA0062
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Our focus this week has shifted to Bukanga constituency in Isingiro district, situated in the greater Ankole subregion of Southwestern Uganda.

During our interactions with the residents of Bukanga constituency, they highlighted significant improvements in service delivery, particularly in education, health, and transportation. They mentioned that “Endiinzi Secondary School” has recently received a girls’ dormitory, a project facilitated by Hon. Kangwagye Stephen Rwakanuma, the current Member of Parliament for Bukanga County. Hon. Stephen leveraged his connections within Team Chairman MK Movement to secure the funds for this dormitory, which is nearing completion.

A prominent stakeholder in Bukanga expressed concern about the state of the Kikagati Rugaga Endiizi road, which has severely impacted the transportation of goods and services. Nevertheless, he commended Hon. Kangwagye Stephen for his advocacy in the Ugandan Parliament to have the road paved. In response, the government has initiated the process of tarmacking this particular road, much to the delight of the people of Bukanga, who appreciate their Member of Parliament’s lobbying efforts. This has truly made Hon. Kangwagye Stephen a blessing for Bukanga.

Regarding his monitoring role, we spoke to women at one of the local health centers who expressed gratitude to Hon. Kangwagye for consistently overseeing government programs and facilities to ensure that local residents receive essential services. They emphasized how they’ve been educated about the Parish Development model and how they are prepared to seize this opportunity to alleviate poverty in Bukanga. They have pledged overwhelming support for Hon. Kangwagye Stephen in the 2026 elections to continue implementing NRM programs in the constituency.

Stay tuned for more updates as we reach out to Hon. Stephen. Antidote Updates Uganda 🇺🇬

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Written by Tukwatanise Musa musa81t@gmail.com 0770977545

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