How NRM Policies Are Making You Poor, According to Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine Plea Stop Financing Uganda's Ruling Government
PHOTO - Daily Nation - Bobi Wine's Plea: Stop Financing Uganda's Ruling Government
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National Unity Platform (NUP) party leader Robert Kyagulanyi, or as he’s better known, Bobi Wine, found himself playing the unexpected role of a roadside preacher during his countrywide tour to “wake up” Ugandans. Bobi Wine’s charisma continued to draw record crowds as he journeyed through Eastern Uganda.

Upon reaching Iganga Town, Bobi Wine’s motorcade was held hostage by enthusiastic locals who were thrilled to see him, even though there was no scheduled meeting. The excitement on the streets persisted for over an hour, forcing Bobi Wine to address the impromptu gathering.

In towns like Iganga, Bugiri, Busia, Naluwere, Namyembe, Muwayo Buhobe, and Namugondi, residents lined the roads, hoping to catch a glimpse of the NUP party leader, Mr. Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, as he made his way to Busia Town.

By 11 am, business owners in Busia Town decided to call it a day, temporarily shutting their shops to welcome Bobi Wine at Madibira playgrounds, where he had a scheduled address. Along the way, Bobi Wine’s motorcade encountered numerous stops, courtesy of supporters clamoring for his attention and a chance to hear his words of wisdom.

The majority of his supporters, proudly adorned in NUP’s signature red colors, serenaded their leader with praise songs. By 3 pm, he hadn’t yet reached Busia, but his fervent supporters waited patiently, their anticipation unbroken.

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Fred Achoka, a dedicated NUP mobilizer, confessed that the sheer size of the crowds had caught them off guard. Livingstone Mabachi, another fervent party supporter, chimed in, saying, “Many Ugandans now believe that Kyagulanyi is the solution to the numerous unanswered issues that plague them.”

Bobi Wine’s journey through Eastern Uganda may not have gone exactly as planned, but one thing’s for sure: his influence and the enthusiasm of his supporters are undeniable, making his campaign one to watch.

In this unscripted chapter of his political journey, Bobi Wine’s charisma and the unexpected roadside sermon will undoubtedly be remembered as a testament to his ability to capture hearts and minds throughout Uganda.

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