Kabura County Deserves Better; Voters Vow to Support Hon Seth Muyambi in 2026

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Kabura County Deserves Better; Voters Vow to Support Hon Seith Muyambi in 2026
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Our attention this week has been drawn to the political trends in Lyantonde district. Lyantonde is a district located at the extreme end of both Buganda and Ankole, with the majority of its population being cattle keepers. The political dynamics within this district have captured the interest of our sources, prompting them to gather more details for the general public.

While interacting with voters in Kabura County, we learned that they are expressing dissatisfaction with the current member of Parliament. They claim that the current MP has distanced themselves from the very people who gave them the mandate to represent them in the 11th Parliament.

The primary complaints revolve around inefficiencies in service delivery, unfulfilled promises made by the incumbent during the election period, and neglect of the youth and women who constitute a significant percentage of Kabura County. Despite promises of jobs and support for youth groups, nothing has been accomplished to improve the well-being of the youths in the constituency over the course of 2.5 years.

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Many individuals have pledged their support for the ambitious and young Honorable Seith Muyambi. He is being described as the beacon of hope for Kabura County. Hon. Seth Ahabwe Muyambi is a youthful entrepreneur who has not only inspired and motivated people in business, entrepreneurship, and investment in Lyantonde but throughout Uganda.

His involvement in business and investment has extended beyond his personal endeavors, as he actively imparts his skills and knowledge to young people. This initiative aims to teach them how to save, invest, and enhance their lives. Hon. Seth Ahabwe Muyambi has also demonstrated a commitment to community growth by promoting sports and entertainment in Lyantonde district. He empowers talented youths by providing them with sports equipment, facilitating opportunities, and arranging tours to expose them to the practices of talented individuals outside Lyantonde. This approach motivates the youth to develop their talents and use them to earn a living and improve their livelihoods.

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Furthermore, Ahabwe has made numerous contributions to churches and schools. He has also encouraged young people in Kabura to embrace their faith and actively support religious activities. Notably, his support extends to individuals from various religious backgrounds, including Muslims, Catholics, Born-Again Christians, and Protestants within the constituency. This inclusivity underscores his commitment to Lyantonde as a whole.

Hon. Seth Ahabwe Muyambi is a proponent of the clear ideology of empowering individuals with knowledge and skills for sustainable development,” remarked one of the voters during discussions with our sources.

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Our sources are currently working to connect with Hon. Seith Muyambi to gather his perspective on his candidacy for MP of Kabura County in Lyantonde district. Stay tuned for more updates.

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