Mao Calls for Nonviolent Transition of Power in Uganda

Mao Calls for Nonviolent Transition of Power in Uganda
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Nobert Mao, who serves as the Democratic Party-DP president and the Constitutional Affairs Minister, has called upon President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to lead efforts towards a peaceful transfer of power in Uganda.

During his recent DP grassroots mobilization event in Jinja city, Mao highlighted the historical lack of peaceful transitions of power in Uganda, resulting in violence and hindering the nation’s progress. He urged President Museveni to depart from this pattern set by his predecessors.

Mao acknowledged Museveni’s role in advancing the country’s economic development and encouraged him to consider facilitating a peaceful transfer of power. He emphasized that while Ugandans appreciate the current stability, they also desire a peaceful change of leadership.

Mao expressed his concern that political turmoil in Uganda in the past had negatively affected the nation both domestically and internationally. He called for collective support, not only from the DP but from all Ugandans worldwide, to achieve this goal.

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Additionally, Mao urged Museveni to combat issues such as corruption and tribalism, which he believes hinder the country’s growth. He criticized some individuals in the government for abusing their power, preventing many Ugandans from benefiting from national resources.

Ismael Kiirya, the president of Uganda Young Democrats, called on the country’s youth to channel their energies into acquiring the skills necessary for nonviolent participation in the struggle for a peaceful transition of power.

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