Mao Urges Opposition to Focus on Policy Critique, Not Personal Attacks

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Democratic Party (DP) president general and justice minister, Norbert Mao, recently expressed his views on President Yoweri Museveni’s past actions and the need for a principled approach in politics.

During a burial ceremony in Mbarara, Mao acknowledged the risks taken by those who joined Museveni in his five-year bush war that ultimately brought the National Resistance Army (now Movement) to power in 1986. He highlighted the sacrifices made by those involved in the conflict, but also suggested that there is no need to resort to such drastic measures again.

Mao emphasized the importance of standing on principles that prioritize doing what is right over what is convenient. He cautioned against romanticizing the eras of Idi Amin and Obote, noting that those who claim these times were better likely did not experience the realities of those regimes.

Additionally, Mao offered advice to his colleagues in the opposition, suggesting that criticism of the ruling party should focus on policies rather than personal attacks. He underscored the need for constructive political discourse and unity in the pursuit of a better future for Uganda.

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Mao’s political maneuvering was exemplified by his unexpected working cooperation agreement with the NRM in 2023, a move that saw him appointed as a minister.

This unique agreement between the two parties encompassed various areas of cooperation, including justice, law, peace, security, and the economy. It also resulted in the election of DP Secretary General Gerald Siranda as one of the country’s representatives to the East African Legislative Assembly.

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