Mitooma Residents Question Effectiveness of Upcoming MK Baraza

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A group of youth and stakeholders in Mitooma District has expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of the upcoming MK Baraza scheduled for January 12, 2024. Led by Mr. Elite Bob Abemigisha, the group believes that the Baraza, to be held at Ruhinda Secondary School playground, will not address the real issues affecting the people of Mitooma.

According to Mr. Abemigisha, the organizers are self-seekers aiming to advance their interests at the expense of the local community. He emphasized that Mitooma is not a marketplace for intruders and urged the district’s leaders and stakeholders to be consulted in such initiatives.

Residents like Mr. Lamson Ainomugisha and Ms. Anita Katusiime criticized the lack of consultation with local leaders and expressed the need for programs that directly benefit the youth, rather than mere entertainment at Barazas.

On the other hand, Mr. Michael Mawanda, the Member of Parliament for Igara East and one of the organizers, defended the Baraza, stating that it was requested by Mitooma leaders led by Mr. Edgar Ariinda Rwambika. He highlighted that Barazas aim to educate people on eradicating poverty through various avenues created by the NRM government.

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