Mixed Reactions to Launch of PLU as Gen Muhoozi’s Platform

mixed reactions to launch of plu as gen muhoozis platform
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A new organization called the Patriotic League of Uganda (PLU) was unveiled in Naguru, a Kampala suburb, by a group of individuals claiming support for First Son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. This group replaces the MK Movement, which was initiated two years ago to advocate for Gen Muhoozi’s interests.

During the launch, there appeared to be disagreement among prominent figures regarding the direction Gen Muhoozi should take. Capt Mike Mukula, a member of the NRM’s Central Executive Committee, encouraged Gen Muhoozi to use the ruling party as a platform for his presidential ambitions. However, some Members of Parliament, including David Kabanda, expressed reluctance to associate with the NRM.

Capt Mukula suggested a transition within the ruling party akin to examples in other countries, emphasizing the need for young people to lead Uganda forward. Gen Muhoozi, still serving in the military, did not attend the PLU launch despite being named chairman.

The PLU currently consists of seven promoters, including Gen Muhoozi, Mr. Kabanda, Mr. Michael Mawanda, Mr. Michael Katungi, Mr. Balaam Barugahare, Mr. Andrew Mwenda, Ms. Lilian Aber, and Mr. Frank Gashumba. The dissolution of leadership established under the MK Movement has been confirmed, with PLU being the new focus.

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At least three ministers, 68 Members of Parliament, and around 40 Local Council district chairpersons attended the launch, pledging allegiance to PLU.

The MK Movement, originally formed in April 2022 to celebrate Gen Muhoozi’s birthday, evolved into a platform promoting his potential candidacy for the presidency in 2026. However, after President Museveni intervened, Gen Muhoozi refrained from making public statements on political and military matters.

Some members of the MK Movement advocate for President Museveni’s retirement and Gen Muhoozi’s succession, while others support President Museveni’s continued leadership.

PLU’s intentions regarding registration are unclear, with some sources suggesting it aims to become a political party backing Gen Muhoozi, while others claim it is a non-partisan organization focused on promoting good citizenship, national pride, and combating corruption.

MP Jimmy Lwanga, from the National Unity Platform, expressed support for PLU and Gen Muhoozi’s presidential ambitions, despite his political affiliation.

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