Muhammad Ssegirinya Expresses Mixed Feelings About His Role as MP

Muhammad Ssegirinya Expresses Mixed Feelings About His Role as MP
Muhammad Ssegirinya Expresses Mixed Feelings About His Role as MP
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Muhammad Ssegirinya, the Member of Parliament representing Kawempe North, has revealed that he sometimes questions his decision to become a Member of Parliament. The opposition lawmaker opened up about his struggles upon his return from Amsterdam Universitair Medische Centra Hospital in The Netherlands, where he has been receiving treatment since August 10, 2023.

“I have never found inner peace ever since I was elected MP, and sometimes I regret and say I wish I had remained in the position of a councillor,” he shared candidly.

Ssegirinya recounted that his health began to deteriorate during his arrest and imprisonment in Kigo prison in 2021. He spoke of facing adversity, stating, “I have been beaten by police, I have been in and out of prison, which has affected my health. I got skin cancer, then my lungs got affected, as did my spinal cord. My enemies didn’t like it when I won the MP seat; they are not settled and want to see me dead. So, I am alive because of God’s mercy.”

Ssegirinya, who spent 524 days in jail, equivalent to 17 months, shortly after his election as MP, was reportedly diagnosed with lung complications during his imprisonment. He and Makindye West legislator Allan Ssewanyana faced charges related to a wave of machete killings of about 26 people in greater Masaka in 2021.

Discussing his health issues, Ssegirinya mentioned that in August, he was admitted to Rubaga Hospital in Kampala. Subsequent tests revealed lung tumors that could not be treated in Uganda. As a result, he was transported to Germany and later to the Netherlands for medical care.

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Initially, Ssegirinya had accused Parliament of neglecting him by not covering his medical expenses. However, he later clarified, “When the matter came up in Parliament, they later paid my medical bills up to today when I was discharged.” The total bill amounted to Shs75 million.

Joel Ssenyonyi, the National Unity Platform Spokesperson, welcomed Ssegirinya back to the country and expressed hopes for his swift recovery, stating, “We welcome our colleague back to the country, and we pray that he recovers soonest so he can execute his duties.”

Chris Obore, the director of the Communication and Public Affairs Department at Parliament, also extended well wishes, saying, “We thank God for his life and wish him good health. Doctors treat, but only God heals.”

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