Mukono District : NRM Unveils Champion Groups for 2026 Election Campaign

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The National Resistance Movement (NRM) has unveiled a strategic initiative in Mukono district ahead of the 2026 General Elections, introducing champion groups to solidify its presence at the grassroots level. The official launch, held at Kiyunga in Kyampisi Sub County, marked a significant step in the party’s preparation for the upcoming elections.

The champion groups, explicitly designed not to replace existing party structures, comprise committed party enthusiasts who voluntarily engage in garnering support and advocating NRM ideologies within the community. Their objectives extend beyond political advocacy to include initiatives that enhance members’ welfare through commercial ventures, skill development, and access to small loans for personal and community development.

Major (Rtd) Awich Pollar Okwir, standing in for Vice President Jessica Alupo, underscored the importance of these initiatives in maintaining the party’s dynamism. He emphasized, “NRM is committed to nation-building and the creation of permanent institutions. Through such initiatives, we are nurturing more leaders who also have a solid financial foundation.” Okwir contributed UGX4 million during the launch to support the Kiyunga champion group in their developmental endeavors.

Encouraging active participation to bring back NRM members who faced setbacks in recent party elections, Ronald Kibuule, appointed as the patron of these initiatives, emphasized the need for harmonious coexistence between champion groups and the party’s structural leadership. He outlined a comprehensive vision, spanning the entire district, where party members actively engage in government programs, monitor, and spearhead mobilization efforts to restore NRM’s electoral success.

Acknowledging recent losses, especially in the Central Region, Kibuule stressed the importance of organized efforts well before the election period. He expressed confidence that the proactive unification of party members would lead to future victories, also expressing interest in standing as a Member of Parliament in Mukono County North in the upcoming general elections.

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Juliet Amon, Chairperson of Kiyunga Champions Group, highlighted various initiatives, including chicken rearing, apiary, decoration, and food vending. Beyond economic endeavors, the groups strategically focus on neutralizing opposition propaganda and elevating the party and its chairman in the public consciousness.

As Mukono becomes the epicenter for these champion groups, the NRM aims not only to reclaim lost ground but also to establish a robust foundation for sustained party vitality and influence at the grassroots level. The parish-level groups currently boast more than 300 members.

Within this framework, the NRM enlists willing individuals as party members, with the understanding that they finance their initiatives in return for support during elections. However, political analysts caution that this model could be susceptible to infiltration by opportunists who might disrupt strategic plans.

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