Museveni Advises Against Small-Scale Sugar Plantations

museveni advises against small scale sugar plantations
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President Museveni spoke at the Tarehe Sita celebrations in Bugweri District on February 6, 2024, addressing various issues including agriculture, economy, security, and the liberation struggle.

Museveni discouraged farmers in the Busoga Sub-region with small pieces of land, particularly those with four acres or less, from growing sugarcane due to its unprofitability. He acknowledged the hard work of farmers in Busoga, highlighting crops such as cassava and rice, but emphasized the need for calculated decisions, especially regarding sugarcane cultivation.

Busoga, known for its sugarcane production, is currently facing challenges with low prices of harvests, with sugarcane prices dropping significantly. Additionally, President Museveni urged farmers to avoid rice cultivation in wetlands, citing environmental concerns and low returns.

Discussing the economy, Museveni acknowledged growth but emphasized the need to combat corruption for further progress. Regarding security, he praised the capabilities of Uganda’s armed forces and emphasized regional collaboration to address security challenges.

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Museveni recognized the contributions of the people of Busoga to the liberation struggle of 1981-1986, acknowledging their sacrifices. Recommendations were made by officials, including the introduction of mineralogy courses in universities around Busoga and completion of construction projects.

The Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs highlighted the fishing community’s need for loans to purchase proper fishing gear and addressed land grabbing issues in Jinja City. The Chief of Defence Forces emphasized the importance of promoting democracy while maintaining peace and stability in the region.

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