Museveni and Bobi Wine Face Off in Hoima By-Election Campaigns

Hoima By Election Campaigns Heat Up as Museveni and Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi Face Off
PHOTO - The Independent - Hoima By-Election Campaigns Heat Up as Museveni and Kyagulanyi Face Off
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As the campaign period comes to a close tomorrow, both the National Unity Platform (NUP) and National Resistance Movement (NRM) have gathered their party leaders to support their respective candidates. President Museveni and Mr. Robert Kyagulanyi are expected to join the campaign in the remaining two days.

The Hoima LC5 by-election campaigns are reaching their peak, with Mr. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu from NUP and NRM’s party leaders gearing up for a showdown. The campaign period, which began on September 1, is now in its final days as candidates make their last efforts to secure the support of the 100,396 registered voters.

The by-election is scheduled for September 14. The position became vacant after the death of Kadiri Kirungi on March 17 in a road accident in Bukomero Town Council on the Kampala-Hoima Highway in Kiboga District. As the campaign period concludes, both NUP and NRM camps have mobilized their party leaders to rally behind their candidates.

NUP’s campaign is led by Mr. Moses Aguuda, the party’s candidate in the race. He confirmed that their camp would receive support from NUP party leaders from headquarters starting today. He stated that NUP’s president, Mr. Kyagulanyi, will camp in Hoima District for two days, starting today, for campaigns. Aguuda expressed confidence in Kyagulanyi’s ability to sway voters, anticipating increased support for their candidate as a result of his visit. On the other hand, the NRM party has a strong presence in Hoima District, with Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja and other influential figures joining the campaign since last Thursday. Other NRM leaders include party National Vice Chairman Moses Kigongo, NRM Deputy Secretary General Rose Namayanja, and Director for Mobilization Rosemary Sseninde, among others. Mr. Emmanuel Dombo, the NRM’s Director for Communications and Public Relations, stated that they invited President Museveni to visit Hoima District on the last day of the campaign to garner support for their candidate.

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However, Aguuda alleged that NRM leaders want the Electoral Commission to change the campaign schedule to prevent Mr. Kyagulanyi from campaigning in Hoima. The Hoima District Returning Officer, Ms. Merab Kasande, clarified that she had not received official communication regarding changes to the campaign schedule as of Sunday morning. The Hoima District Police Commander, Mr. Jackson Bogere, emphasized that security forces are ready to provide security for all candidates, regardless of their political affiliations. He added that each candidate should adhere to their campaign schedules.

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The Contenders:

This by-election has attracted five nominated candidates, reflecting diverse political affiliations. Three candidates were nominated on party tickets: Mr. Patrick Musinguzi of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Mr. Uthuman Mugisha Mubaraka of NRM, and Mr. Moses Aguuda from NUP. Additionally, two Independent candidates are Mr. Vincent Muhumuza and Mr. Lenox Mugume. According to the Electoral Commission’s campaign program, NUP’s candidate will focus on campaign efforts in the sub-counties of Kigorobya and Buseruka today and conclude in the Kitoba Sub-county tomorrow.

In the NRM camp, efforts have focused on persuading other contenders to step down in favor of their candidate, Mr. Mugisha. Prime Minister Nabbanja and Mr. Kigongo attempted to convince Mr. Vincent Muhumuza, an Independent candidate, to rally behind Mugisha in exchange for potential government job opportunities, but he declined. Mr. Muhumuza expressed dissatisfaction with the party’s methods but remained in the race.

Ms. Nabbanja assured Hoima residents that their past problems would be solved if they voted for the NRM candidate. She highlighted government infrastructure projects in the area. Mr. Muhumuza, a seasoned politician in the district, has faced defeats before, securing the second position in the NRM party primaries this time.

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Election Data Analysis:

To understand the significance of the Hoima LC5 by-election, it’s important to consider the performance of political parties in the 2021 general elections in the district. The NRM won the presidential poll, with President Museveni securing 38,431 votes, while Mr. Kyagulanyi of NUP garnered 10,973 votes. Additionally, the NRM dominated lower political positions such as district, sub-county, and town councils. In the parliamentary election, NUP fielded two candidates, but they did not win any seats.


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