Museveni Attributes Avoidance of Past Mistakes to Professional Army

museveni attributes avoidance of past mistakes to professional army
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President Yoweri Museveni emphasizes the importance of a professional army in preventing the recurrence of past governance mistakes.

Museveni acknowledges the dark history of government atrocities, estimating over 800,000 deaths from 1966 to 1977, with 300,000 in Luwero Triangle alone.

He pledges his government’s commitment to prevent Uganda from returning to eras of mistreatment and bad governance.

The president highlights the significance of a professional army capable of responding to the populace’s needs and ensuring national stability.

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Unlike previous administrations, Museveni stresses the importance of educating the military, facilitating the swift development of a capable and people-centric armed force.

Speaking at the 43rd Tare Sita celebrations in Bugweri district, Busoga region, Museveni expresses gratitude to the local community for supporting the liberation struggle.

He recalls instances of covert operations facilitated by local support, citing the successful acquisition of arms from Tanzania during the liberation struggle.

Tarehe Sita commemorates the launch of the war against the government resulting from the disputed 1980 elections, symbolizing the people’s struggle for unity, security, and socioeconomic transformation.

The event witnessed high-profile attendance, including over 17 cabinet members, Vice President Jessica Alupo, and other dignitaries.

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