Museveni Commends Security Forces for ADF Commander’s Capture and Vows to Intensify Anti-Terrorism Efforts

ADF Terrorist Captured - UPDF Captures Suspected ADF Mastermind Behind Tourist Killings
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President Yoweri Museveni has lauded the efforts of security agencies combating the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terror group, both within Uganda and in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The recent capture of ADF commander Abdul Rashid Kyoto, also known as Tembo or Njovu, was highlighted by Museveni as a significant achievement in the ongoing fight against terrorism.

Njovu, suspected of leading the ADF group responsible for the killing of two tourists and their Ugandan driver, as well as the tragic incident at Lubiriha Senior Secondary School in Kasese, was injured and captured. Additionally, three groups under his command were eliminated – one at Kasiindi and two on a boat in Lake Edward. Museveni also commended the security forces for apprehending four suspects linked to the killing of prosecutor Joan Kagezi.

In a comprehensive statement shared on social media, President Museveni emphasized the intensified efforts to eradicate the ADF. He expressed gratitude to the DRC Government for permitting Ugandan forces to assist in eliminating the criminal elements from Eastern Congo. Museveni noted that the ADF had underestimated the reach of security forces, believing the Congo forests to be a haven beyond their grasp. However, following relentless attacks by the Ugandan People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) since November 2021, the terrorists discovered that the forests were, in fact, perilous.

President Museveni affirmed the commitment to reinforcing Ugandan strength in Congo and safeguarding against any attempts by small ADF groups to re-enter Uganda for acts of terror. Within Uganda, security forces were assigned to protect public functions, including the controversial Nyege Nyege festival and the Kyabazinga wedding.

Despite the recent successes, Museveni urged citizens (Wanainchi) to remain vigilant in various public spaces, such as villages, churches, markets, and public transport. He reassured the public that the infiltrators were few in number and, with vigilance, could be captured. Additionally, Museveni announced an intensified pursuit of the masterminds behind terrorism schemes in Congo, warning that they would be eliminated unless they surrendered.

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