Norbert Mao Calls for Unity and Denunciation of Tribal Politics in Opposition

Norbert Mao
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Justice Minister Encourages Opposition Parties to Avoid Tribalizing Politics

In a recent address, Justice Minister Norbert Mao called upon opposition political parties to refrain from promoting tribalism within their political discourse. He emphasized the importance of focusing on the exchange of ideas rather than resorting to divisive tactics.

Mao made this appeal during the funeral of Mbarara North MP Robert Rukaari’s father, Maitland Lawrence Rukaari, who passed away at the age of 89 due to diabetes. The burial took place in Nkokonjeru ward in Mbarara City on October 26, 2023.

Mao, who also serves as the president general of the Democratic Party (DP), stressed the need to reduce tension in Uganda and counter the propagation of hatred by extremist elements. He urged political parties, regardless of their size, to contribute positively to the country’s political landscape and collaborate in unforeseen circumstances.

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In his address, Mao highlighted the importance of sacrifice and setting aside personal interests for the greater good of Uganda. He acknowledged that many voices in the political arena are often misunderstood but emphasized the necessity of fostering unity among Ugandans, transcending tribal and political party boundaries.

The minister’s remarks came in the wake of criticism directed at National Unity Platform leader Robert Kyagulanyi, who faced backlash for making statements in Luganda that were perceived as inflaming tribal sentiments in the central region of Uganda. Kyagulanyi’s comments, made during a public gathering in Luwero district, raised concerns about the potential for tribalism in political discourse.

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