NRM’s Kyambogo Office: Budget Skyrockets to Daily 100 Million Shillings

Showers of Shillings NRM Kyambogo Office Makes a Splash
PHOTO - Metro Spy - Showers of Shillings: NRM's Kyambogo Office Makes a Splash
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NRM’s Kyambogo Office: Budget Soars to Daily 100 Million Shillings

Long gone are the days when the NRM National Chairman’s Office struggled to put into action the NRM’s principles and policies, as guided by President Museveni, due to logistical constraints.

This change took root back in 2003 when the ONC was established as per the NRM Constitution. However, it wasn’t until the 2016 elections, with Molly Kamukama at the helm, that the ONC started its active role.

The ONC is meant to have a dedicated secretariat comprising around 15 permanent staff. The office’s head holds a position equivalent to a Presidential Assistant/Aide in charge of Political Affairs. The team includes administrators, media handlers, secretaries, research personnel, security staff, receptionists, drivers, and regional coordinators.

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This office head consistently has direct access to Gen. Museveni. Their responsibilities encompass various party activities, all directed by the president. These tasks range from mobilization and sensitization to important assignments. All these undertakings require support in terms of transportation, printing, and NRM-branded materials like t-shirts and caps, as well as related logistics.

Insiders have revealed that during Molly Kamukama’s tenure, the ONC office in Mbuya often faced financial challenges. The monthly budget at that time was approximately 20 million shillings, leading to delays in staff payments. Funds trickled in closer to the 2016 election period.

Even when Kamukama became a minister after the 2016 elections, her successor Milly Babalanda, who shifted the office to Kyambogo, encountered similar hurdles. The monthly budget now increased to around 45 million shillings.

It was in preparation for the 2021 elections that some funds were dispatched to facilitate the NRM vote protection unit stationed at every polling station.

No More Struggles

However, we have learned that Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo, who succeeded Babalanda, is in a more fortunate position. Given the significant role played by Babalanda’s team, including Museveni aide Faruk Kirunda, in securing the NRM’s 2021 election victory despite limited funds, Gen. Museveni is determined to equip this key office with ample logistics.

Reportedly, Namyalo’s daily budget stands at about 100 million shillings. This newfound funding explains her active role in promoting Museveni’s 2026 reelection bid under the ‘Omalako Jajja, TovaKuMain 2026’ slogan.

Namyalo has been seen distributing cash and providing sewing machines, salon equipment, haircutting tools, goats, chicks, and chicken feed to various groups in the central region as part of the poverty eradication campaign. Her well-funded initiatives have made her a sought-after figure among these groups.

To showcase the positive outcomes, Namyalo recently hosted her husband Musa Ssentamu in a grand introduction ceremony known as ‘Kukyala’ in Ndejje-Entebbe.

Allegedly, the generous funding at ONC-Kyambogo has caused concerns at the NRM headquarters on Plot 10, Kyadondo Road, but more on that another time.

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