NUP Claims Over 100 Supporters Detained in Connection with Bobi Wine’s Return March

NUP Claims Over 100 Supporters Detained in Connection with Bobi Wine's Return March
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  • Opposition Party NUP Reports 100+ Supporters Detained After Bobi Wine’s Return March
  • NUP Accuses Authorities

In a statement on Friday, the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) said that over 100 of their supporters were taken into custody by the police during an operation aimed at preventing a planned march to welcome their party president, Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine. Bobi Wine had recently returned from international trips to Canada and South Africa.

According to a list shared by Bobi Wine on social media, they have identified 120 individuals they claim were detained by the police, with more supporters yet to be identified. Bobi Wine, who is currently under house arrest, estimated that around 300 party supporters and leaders may have been detained since October 2, 2023, ahead of his return.

Bobi Wine posted on Friday, “Our legal team, leaders, and other comrades have been able to rescue many of them on police bond while several others are being taken to court over senseless charges. Our teams are working hard to follow up on all these illegal arrests. We shall overcome!”

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He also accused the police of dishonesty, stating, “The partisan police earlier claimed that they arrested only 40 people – the usual liars that they are. Here is a partial list of our people still under detention.”

In response, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango issued a statement on Friday, revealing that they had arrested 40 suspects, including Busiro South Member of Parliament (MP) Charles Matovu, for inciting violence. Onyango stated, “These individuals will face charges in court as operations persist.”

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