NUP Extends Aid to Families of Detained and Missing Members

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Families of detained and missing National Unity Platform (NUP) party supporters received educational support at the party headquarters, lauding NUP leaders for their assistance during trying times. Scholastic materials, including books, pens, and sanitary towels, were distributed to families, demonstrating NUP’s commitment to aiding the education of affected children.

Relatives of missing individuals, such as John Bosco Kibalama and Shafic Wangolo, expressed gratitude for the support, emphasizing the importance of NUP’s assistance in providing for their children’s education amidst challenging circumstances.

NUP Secretary General, David Lewis Rubongoya, emphasized that the issue of missing persons transcends politics, highlighting the ongoing struggle for justice and accountability. He stated that NUP is supporting 189 children of affected supporters but emphasized the need for additional partners due to financial constraints.

Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Joel Ssenyonyi, utilized the event to address concerns over exorbitant school fees, urging government intervention to alleviate the burden on families. He called for action to address the escalating costs of education, which are driving learners out of school.

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