NUP Reports Armed Intrusion at Party Headquarters

Heavy Security Blocks Access to NUP Headquarters Ahead of Scheduled Commissioning
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The National Unity Platform (NUP) has reported an incident where a group of armed men, traveling in approximately six police and military trucks, surrounded their offices in Kavule around 7:30 pm on Saturday. The incident coincided with a power blackout in the area.

Despite their attempts, the armed men were unable to gain entry as the main gate was locked. The NUP explained in a statement that the power blackout affected the entire area, and the intruders unsuccessfully tried to enter through the main gate. Failing to do so, they moved to another gate, which was also locked.

As the armed men faced resistance, nearby residents gathered to observe the situation. After a few minutes, the intruders departed from the premises.

The NUP expressed gratitude towards their security team for promptly securing all gates as soon as they noticed the attempted intrusion. The party continues to closely monitor the situation and appreciates the vigilance and concern shown by citizens.

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Incidents like this raise concerns about the safety and security of political organizations and their members in Uganda. The NUP, led by Robert Kyagulanyi, has played a significant role in the country’s political landscape, especially in recent elections.

The motive behind the armed men’s actions remains unclear, and it is yet to be determined whether this incident is an isolated event or part of a larger pattern. The NUP and its supporters have faced numerous challenges, including arrests, intimidation, and restrictions on their political activities.

Official authorities have not released a statement regarding the incident, leaving many questions unanswered. Investigations are expected to unfold as the NUP and its members hope for transparency and accountability in addressing this alarming occurrence.

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