NUP Reveals Ambitious Leadership School Plans

NUP New HQs - NUP Reveals Ambitious Leadership School Plans
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National Unity Platform (NUP) celebrated the grand opening of its fresh party headquarters located at Makerere Kavule on November 3rd, 2023, a day later than initially scheduled due to police intervention. Simultaneously, the party disclosed its comprehensive strategy for repurposing its old offices in Kamwokya.

The unveiling of the new NUP offices took place on Friday, November 3, 2023, with Robert Kyagulanyi, commonly known as Bobi Wine, NUP’s principal, announcing an ambitious project: the National Unity Platform Leadership School. This forthcoming institution aims to equip young people from marginalized areas, known as “the ghetto,” with essential leadership skills and provide them with certificates upon course completion.

The inauguration of the NUP’s new headquarters attracted prominent figures within the opposition, including Dr. Kizza Besigye, a renowned opposition leader, who served as the guest speaker. Also present were Erias Lukwago, the Lord Mayor, and activist Miria Matembe, among other distinguished attendees.

Kyagulanyi emphasized that all financial resources utilized for the construction of the new headquarters were derived from funds allocated to the party as a political entity by parliament. Importantly, he clarified that no funds were solicited from the general public. Furthermore, Kyagulanyi asserted that all land titles associated with the property are registered in the party’s name, confirming that they belong to the party’s members.

During his speech, Kyagulanyi openly acknowledged his admiration for Dr. Besigye, describing him as his president, owing to his vote for Besigye in the 2016 election. Kyagulanyi pledged to inspire and engage more young individuals in the pursuit of democratic values, with a commitment to ensuring that the struggle for democracy endures beyond his own role.

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The new NUP headquarters is equipped with a principal’s office and a dedicated space for higher education institutions. Additionally, there are ongoing plans to construct a recording studio within the premises, indicating a forward-looking approach to the party’s activities.

Regarding the architectural design of the headquarters, Party President Bobi Wine revealed that they faced financial constraints that prevented them from constructing the initially proposed building as unveiled during the artistic impression’s launch. Consequently, the NUP opted for an alternative route of remodelling and refurbishing existing structures on the acquired plot, a cost-effective strategy in light of the substantial expenses associated with the original architectural design.

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