Opposition Leader Mpuuga Declares Committee Expulsions Unlawful; Encourages Defiance

opposition leader mpuuga demands answers on missing persons and human rights violations
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The Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga, has asserted that attempts to expel opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) from committees are illegal and devoid of common sense. Mpuuga’s comments came in response to Speaker Anita Among’s directive to committee chairpersons to exclude opposition MPs from committee proceedings due to their boycott of plenary sittings.

Addressing a news conference at Parliament on Tuesday, Mpuuga emphasized the illegality of such decisions and cautioned committee chairpersons against exceeding their authority. He urged opposition MPs to resist any attempts to eject them from committee meetings, asserting that such actions are not sanctioned by the law or parliamentary rules.

“My members are very restrained, but they are very resilient, and I encourage them to defy any chairperson who attempts to raise this matter because this is a matter that has no space in law and in our rules. So, be ready to see defiance across,” warned Mpuuga.

The opposition in Parliament has vowed to persist until seven pre-conditions are met. The latest walkout on October 19 was triggered by what the opposition labeled as the government’s failure to address serious human rights concerns.

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During the October sitting, Mpuuga called for accountability regarding incidents such as the harassment of fishermen by the marine unit, the November 2020 shootings, and the unconditional release of political prisoners. He highlighted the arrest of over 500 NUP supporters in 2021, with some languishing in prisons without trial.

In response, State Minister for Internal Affairs, Gen. David Muhoozi, claimed that many of these matters had been resolved, while others were questionable. The opposition lawmakers expressed displeasure, and their continued absence contributed to Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa’s decision to suspend the house for two weeks last month, turning the August House into a talking shop.

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