Otuke East MP Acon Julius Criticizes Lango MPs for Neglecting Voter Needs

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Otuke East MP.Acon Julious Bua in a recent photo./Photo Okidi Patrick.
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Otuke East MP Hon. Julius Acon Bua has appealed to certain MPs from the Lango sub-region to prioritize the welfare of their constituents over personal interests. Acon emphasized this sentiment during an exclusive interview with The Ankole Times newspaper reporter on Tuesday.

According to Acon, some MPs in the Lango sub-region have failed to fulfill their parliamentary duties effectively, impacting the development of their respective constituencies. He criticized the lack of personal sacrifice for service delivery, noting instances where MPs have neglected essential functions such as fundraising events, weddings, burials, and scholarships for disadvantaged students.

Acon urged MPs to prioritize constituency development over personal wealth accumulation, emphasizing the importance of sacrificing income for the betterment of their communities. He expressed concern about a few MPs from the Lango sub-region who prioritize social media exposure for political gain rather than investing resources directly into their constituencies.

“I am observing some MPs in Lango boasting about government projects instead of focusing on their own development initiatives,” Acon remarked.

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Highlighting the need for proactive leadership, Acon stressed the importance of MPs lobbying for projects to benefit their constituents, rather than solely relying on government initiatives.

“Some MPs, upon receiving funds for constituency development, prioritize personal gain instead of addressing poverty within their communities,” Acon noted.

Despite the dissatisfaction among some constituents with the current state of affairs, Acon’s proactive approach to development has garnered support from residents. Notably, his efforts to provide access to clean water sources and medical centers have been well-received, with residents expressing relief at the positive changes.

Francis Otyama, the chairperson of Olilim Sub-county and a potential contender against MP Acon in the 2026 election, has withdrawn his candidacy. Otyama cited Acon’s significant contributions to the development of Otuke district as the reason for his decision, acknowledging Acon’s transformative impact on the community.

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