Parliament Reconvenes Following Ministerial No-Show

House Resumes Sessions After Wednesday's Ministerial Absence
PHOTO - Courtesy - House Resumes Sessions After Wednesday's Ministerial Absence
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Kampala, Uganda – The House is reconvening today, a day after Speaker of Parliament Anita Among abruptly adjourned the session due to the absence of government ministers.

Speaker Among, while adjourning the House, mentioned her intention to discuss potential solutions with the Executive regarding the recurring issue of ministerial absenteeism.

She expressed concern over the empty ministerial seats and the challenges it poses for conducting House affairs. Members of Parliament also have pressing matters to address, and the absence of ministers hampers their ability to do so.

On the agenda for today were two important items: a motion seeking Parliament’s permission to introduce a Private Member’s Bill known as the “Rainwater (Harvesting and Storage) Bill,” and a motion for the adoption of the committee report on government assurances and their implementation related to stabilizing fuel prices.

The absence of the ministers prevented Members of Parliament from presenting and discussing issues relevant to their constituencies.

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To address this ongoing problem, Speaker Among emphasized her intention to engage in a dialogue with the Executive to ensure that parliamentary business can proceed smoothly and without disruptions.

She emphasized the need to avoid a situation where the House’s proceedings come to a standstill due to ministerial absences, citing Rule 25(1) of the Rules of Procedure of Parliament. This rule places importance on government business and its precedence in House proceedings.

Rule 26(1) further reinforces the significance of government business by giving it priority on official sitting days, specifically on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, as specified in the Rules of Procedure of Parliament.

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