Police Reject Birigwa’s FDC Conference

Birigwa's FDC Conference Thwarted as Police Snubs Request
PHOTO - CHIMP Reports - Birigwa's FDC Conference Thwarted as Police Snubs Request
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The police have delivered a crushing blow to Mr. Wasswa Birigwa’s aspirations within the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party. Birigwa’s plan to hold an extraordinary delegates’ conference has been promptly quashed by the authorities.

Despite Birigwa’s intentions, the police refused to entertain his request, citing a lack of acknowledgment from the party’s Secretary General. This lack of internal coordination promises to sow confusion and turmoil among the population, a result entirely foreseeable to those observing the FDC’s crumbling unity.

In a letter signed by Mr. John Nuwagira on behalf of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), the police made it clear that they would not provide the requested security until the party leadership itself reaches a consensus on the conference.

This embarrassing episode is a testament to the FDC’s disarray. The police have effectively washed their hands of this internal circus, leaving Birigwa to grapple with his party’s dysfunction. The letter acknowledges a communication from the Secretary General, denying any knowledge of the proposed meeting and deeming it a direct violation of the party’s constitution, effectively branding it an illegal endeavor.

The police, rather sagaciously, have advised Birigwa to first reconcile his party’s fractured position or resort to the courts of law. They’ve made it clear that they will not be dragged into providing security for an event fraught with controversy and internal discord.

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Birigwa’s recent announcement of an extraordinary national delegates’ conference was expected to be a venue for receiving reports from party leaders, including the chairman, president, secretary general, and treasurer general. However, behind the scenes, it appears that a plot was brewing to unseat the party president and secretary general through a vote of no confidence. This treacherous move, slated for September 19, adds a layer of intrigue to this already tumultuous affair.

In response, Mr. Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the party president, has declared his intention to advise party delegates to boycott the conference, asserting that it violates the party’s rules. He warns that those who dare attend will face the disciplinary committee’s wrath.

In the face of this glaring internal strife, Birigwa’s ambitions have been thwarted not only by the police but by the party’s own disunity. It’s a dismal day for the FDC when even law enforcement refuses to lend a hand to their chaotic endeavors.

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