Uganda Police Dismiss Political Motivations in Recent Terror Alerts

Uganda Police Urges Public Vigilance Amidst Terrorism Alerts
Uganda Police Urges Public Vigilance Amidst Terrorism Alerts
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The Uganda Police has addressed recent terrorism alerts, dismissing claims of political motivations. They urge citizens to take these alerts seriously to ensure their safety.

SS Bashir Ssempala, the Community Liaison Officer for Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP), emphasized the importance of vigilance. He stated that terrorism is a global issue and should not be politicized. He reminded Ugandans of past terror attacks in the country, emphasizing the real and present threat.

“These terrorists use local materials, aiming to instill fear and undermine security. We call on the public to remain vigilant and even consider their own shadows as potential risks,” he added.

Ssempala’s remarks come as the National Unity Platform (NUP) conducts country tours, leading to speculation that the alerts might be related to these tours. However, Ssempala emphasized that security measures are not discriminatory and that speculations at this point are baseless.

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“There is no selective application of terror controls. These alerts are genuine, and there is no room for speculation. Businesses need not be closed, but some precautions are necessary.”

Following the recent incident where an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was discovered and safely detonated at Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral in Kampala, the police have reported the recovery of five more explosive devices.

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, disclosed that the arrest of a 28-year-old individual, Kintu Abdurahman, in possession of the IED, led to further investigations. Abdurahman provided information about his six-member cell, prompting a search for the other five conspirators who are currently at large. Additionally, the suspect led the police to their rented house in Lungujja Zone eight, where they found three constructed IEDs and relevant evidence.

Enanga also revealed the discovery of two other suspected IEDs in Bunamwaya and near Mabiito in Nateete. Police counter-terrorism teams are preparing to safely detonate these devices.

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