Uganda’s Poverty Limits Teachers’ Salary Growth, Museveni Opens Up

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President Museveni addressed the challenge of increasing public servant salaries, citing the current state of poverty in Uganda. He stated that until the country undergoes socio-economic transformation, the government lacks the resources to improve the income of its employees.

During the pass-out ceremony at the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi, where 413 secondary school head teachers completed ideological orientation training, President Museveni emphasized the necessity for socio-economic transformation to generate the funds needed for salary increments.

Museveni highlighted the link between economic growth, job creation, and increased tax revenue. He argued that when families experience socio-economic transformation, they contribute more to taxes, enabling the government to afford higher salaries for public servants.

Responding to demands from arts teachers for salary increments, Museveni explained the government’s focus on science teachers, emphasizing the need for engineers and medical professionals. He acknowledged the discontent among teachers when salaries were enhanced for scientists, leading to a brief conflict.

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President Museveni, also the patron of Patriotism Clubs in Uganda, warned against sectarianism, emphasizing the importance of unity for national development. He urged Ugandans to prioritize national interests over tribal and religious affiliations to escape poverty.

First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Ms Janet Museveni, thanked the President for his guidance in the education sector. She emphasized the importance of developing human resources for national development.

Ms Milly Babirye Babalanda, Minister for Presidency, praised the NRM party’s core principles under Museveni’s leadership and expressed concern about unpatriotic public officers misusing government resources.

Ms Hellen Seku, Commissioner of Patriotism Clubs, highlighted the training’s significance in realizing Vision 2040, emphasizing core values such as patriotism, discipline, academic excellence, and time management.

In recent years, public servants, including health workers and local government employees, have demanded salary increases. While the government enhanced salaries for science teachers in 2022, arts teachers have yet to receive similar adjustments.

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