UPC’s Akena Gathers Massive Support in Amolatar, Vows to Shape Uganda’s Future

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Over 30,000 people gathered at Amolatar Bomah ground on Saturday, 4th November 2023, to listen to UPC’s President, Akena Jimmy Michael, deliver his presidential mobilization message.

Akena stated, “Come 2026-2031, Hon. Jimmy Michael Akena Obote is poised to shape Uganda’s future,” addressing the thousands in Amolatar who had come to hear him speak.

“We aim to define Uganda’s new future,” Akena said.

Akena made stopovers at two different locations before addressing a rally at Orimai Cell, Epyel Ward in Amolatar town council. Upon his arrival at Namasale, he was warmly welcomed by hundreds of people from a ferry.

During his speech, Akena emphasized, “I am a congressman. In UPC, we believe that the people should determine their destinies. I believe Uganda can excel beyond its current state. We can provide better education for Ugandan children, improved healthcare for all citizens, and establish a supportive business system for the people.”

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He vowed to overcome any obstacles in their path, stressing a commitment to non-violence and using intellect to drive progress. Akena advocated for government investment in its citizens.

Encouraging his supporters, he called for their unity in the 2026 race, highlighting it as the day to recall his message. Akena acknowledged the need for collective effort and support to achieve a better Uganda under UPC leadership.

Geoffrey Ocen (Kiring), the Amolatar LCV chairman, remarked, “For a long time, people in Lango sub-region have been voting for candidates outside their region. It is time to stand together and vote for Akena Jimmy as the UPC Party President in 2026.”

Apac LCV chairman, Odongo Asanti, echoed this sentiment, urging voters to fearlessly elect Akena Jimmy as the next Ugandan President. He defined UPC as “Um Papi Col” in the local language.

To conclude, Hon. Jimmy Michael Akena, the current MP of Lira City East Division, assured Amolatar voters, “If anyone asks, tell them, Akena is on the way.”

MP Okot Moses Junior Bitek, representing Kioga constituency, urged UPC’s President, Akena Jimmy, to commit seriously to his presidential bid. He warned against misleading the people of Amolatar district about his potential candidacy in 2026 if it’s not certain.

Ogwang Patrick, commonly known as “Med Mac,” described Akena Jimmy Michael as a true leader capable of transforming politics in the Lango sub-region and Uganda as a whole. He announced his intent to contest for the North Kioga MP seat under the UPC party ticket in 2026.

He expressed confidence that UPC Party will secure many seats in 2026 due to the trust people have in Hon. Jimmy Michael Akena Obote and the ongoing countrywide mobilization within the party.

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