UPDF Soldiers March to Educate Public on NRA Struggle

updf soldiers march to educate public on nra struggle
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UPDF Soldiers Conduct Route March to Promote NRA Struggle Values

More than 300 UPDF men and officers from Magamaga cantonment marched along the Jinja-Iganga highway towards Bugweri district for the annual Tarehe sita celebrations.

Clad in fresh green and dry banana leaves, the soldiers embarked on their journey from Magamaga barracks at 9:00 am, reaching their destination by midday.

During their three-hour walk, they engaged with members of the public, focusing on educating them about the values of the National Resistance Army-NRA struggle.

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Lt. Col. James Sajjabi, the acting Magamaga Cantonment commander, described the route march as a culmination of their activities in the Busoga region, aiming to showcase the Tarehe Sita projects’ impact.

Their attire resembling that of the bush-war era aimed to highlight the sacrifices made during the liberation war and the challenges faced by militants in pursuit of peace and stability.

Davidson Zijja, the secretary for education and social services in Mayuge district, emphasized the importance of physical infrastructure improvements and community engagement in promoting peace and security.

He noted the significance of physical demonstrations in conveying the nature of the struggle, particularly to youth, who may lack a strong reading culture.

Maj. Erisa Mutabaruka, the acting cantonment political commissar, stressed that these sensitization efforts not only promote economic independence among youth but also reinforce political ideologies essential for peacebuilding.

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