Zaake’s Accidental Career: Making Trouble Since 2016

With the cloud of controversy hovering over Francis Zaake, one can't help but wonder if he's the victim of a lifelong string of misunderstandings or a true virtuoso in the art of chaos.
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A History of Zaake’s Repeated Troubles in Parliament:

Francis Zaake, Uganda’s political ‘wonder child,’ seems to have a unique talent for getting himself into hot water.

Incident Date Allegation Outcome
November 2022 Misconduct: Attempting to reopen debate on abductions Missed 10 sittings, sustained injuries, accused of violating Covid-19 measures
February 2022 Disrespecting Speaker Among on Twitter Convicted and removed from Parliamentary Commission, later reinstated
September 2017 Assault by Gen Katumba Wamala during age limit fracas Alleged assault during a chaotic parliamentary session
August 2018 Involvement in the Arua incident Arrested, tortured, and required medical treatment


In a country where politics often resembles a never ending circus, Francis Zaake has emerged as the star attraction. Mityana’s very own custom made Member of Parliament seems to have a habit for stirring up trouble, like a kid who can’t resist poking a beehive. His penchant for controversy seems as timeless as the earth’s rotation, leaving us to question if it’s merely a matter of fate or a deliberate mission to stay in the headlines.

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Uganda’s Troublemaker in Chief

Mityana Municipality’s darling, Mr. Francis Zaake, a man who hopped on the political wagon soon after completing his University education, is like Uganda’s very own political misadventure. It all began back in 2016 when Zaake, at the tender age of 25, was elected as an Independent candidate. Fast forward to 2021, and he had joined the National Unity Party (NUP), perhaps for some unity in chaos. Despite growing older and, theoretically, wiser, his love affair with trouble hasn’t dimmed.

His recent escapade involves a heated exchange with none other than the esteemed female legislators of Uganda. Apparently, Mr. Zaake made some ‘choice’ remarks about Rakai Woman MP Juliet Kinyamatama during an Independence Day rally, words so vile that she was too embarrassed to repeat them. So what’s the solution? Play the recording, of course! It seems our MP has a talent for making friends. It turns out, what happened outside Parliament 200 kilometers away can still make the House quiver.

Three Strikes and Zaake’s Not Out

This isn’t Mr. Zaake’s first time in the penalty box. In fact, it’s his third. The first time he got into hot water was over a tweet – yes, a tweet – in which he was accused of disrespecting the Speaker of the House.  After a heated exchange, he was voted off the island, losing his position as a parliamentary commissioner, stripping him of his perks and privileges.  He rushed to court, and lo and behold, he got his victory – but only in theory.

While he may have won the battle, the war rages on as Parliament, with the Attorney General in tow, deciding to appeal the decision, sending him back into the judicial labyrinth. In the meantime, Mr. Zaake faces yet another disciplinary issue, this time over a debate he tried to reopen. He has a knack for attracting trouble like a moth to a flame. Now, he’s back in the hot seat, defending himself against Ms. Kinyamatama’s accusations.

A History of Unlucky Incidents

Let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time Mr. Zaake has made headlines. Remember the good old days when he and Bobi Wine were arrested and allegedly tortured after the Arua campaign fiasco? Ah, those were the days.

And who can forget the memorable incident when the Special Forces Command soldiers stormed into Parliament like it was a bar brawl? It’s like a never series, but with more bruises and fewer laughs.

Even a deadly incident involving his former driver and a chaotic campaign rally couldn’t deter his magnetic attraction to controversy.

Zaake’s turbulent journey included an unwelcome hospital stay after claims of violating Covid-19 measures while distributing food aid to locked down economically starved Ugandans and a court order to pay him compensation.

He also found himself in the hospital due to an alleged punch from Gen Katumba Wamala during the presidential age limit fracas. Chaos never seems to be far from his doorstep.

Students Question His Sanity

To make matters even more interesting, students from Makerere University in Rakai are now questioning Mr. Zaake’s mental state. They’ve petitioned Parliament, suggesting that perhaps a ‘mental health test’ is in order. After all, his actions and words have raised a few eyebrows. Their reasoning? His behavior appears to be off the rails.

The petition delivered to Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa’s office highlights the concerns of these students who are questioning Zaake’s mental stability. They argue that his unprofessional conduct doesn’t align with the image of a sound mind.

These students emphasize the consequences of Zaake’s alleged derogatory remarks, suggesting that such actions contribute to domestic violence and, ultimately, the breakdown of the country. It’s quite the puzzle; can a single MP’s behavior really dismantle an entire nation?

As these students voice their concerns, the Parliament’s Rules, Privileges, and Discipline Committee has set its sights on resolving the allegations against Zaake. They’ve pledged to tackle the matter within 14 days, with discussions beginning soon.

Zaake, the Unending Enigma

With the cloud of controversy hovering over Francis Zaake, one can’t help but wonder if he’s the victim of a lifelong string of misunderstandings or a specialist in cooking chaos. With a history of controversies, legal battles, and alleged misconduct, it’s safe to say that Mr. Zaake is not your average Member of Parliament. Whether he’s a political muse or just the ultimate troublemaker, one thing is for sure – he’s not boring.

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Audrey Given
Audrey Given
4 months ago

Your write up is good but you seem to be writing one part of the story. Ur just one sided