Experts Predict Jas Mangat as Front-runner for Africa Rally Championship

experts predict jas mangat as front runner for africa rally championship
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In the Africa Rally Championship (ARC) standings, the top five contenders are as follows:

Position Driver Points
1 Yasin Nasser (UGA) 93
2 Karan Patel (KEN) 90
3 Jas Mangat (UGA) 87
4 Innocent Bwamiki (UGA) 55
5 Prince Nyerere (Tz) 36

Motorsport experts have made their predictions for this year’s Africa Rally Championship, highlighting Uganda’s Jas Mangat and Kenya’s Karan Patel as the frontrunners.

Moses Seguya, an Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) scrutineer, expressed his opinion that Jas Mangat possesses the attributes of a more methodical and composed driver capable of handling the pressure better than his competitors, Karan Patel and Yasin Nasser.

He emphasized that Mangat’s greater experience and faster driving style set him apart from Yasin and Karan. Additionally, Seguya pointed out that the performance of the Hyundai i20 and the Ford R5 vehicles would be contingent on the driver’s skill, provided there are no mechanical failures.

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Regarding Karan Patel, Seguya acknowledged his speed but cautioned that he tends to make errors when subjected to significant pressure, a characteristic not shared by Jas Mangat.

All three contenders have a chance to claim the continental title by winning the upcoming rallies in Zambia and Tanzania, scheduled for this weekend and November. Seguya added that while Yasin Nasser is undoubtedly a skilled driver with a formidable car, he lacks the necessary experience to handle high-pressure situations.

This perspective was further reinforced by Byron Rugomoka, the 2022 national rally champion, who contended that, despite Nasser’s impressive car, he falls short in terms of experience when compared to Mangat and Karan.

Ponsiano Lwakataka concurred with this assessment, asserting that this year’s continental silverware is likely to be secured by either Mangat or Karan, as per the consensus among experts in the rally community.

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