Kyambogo Triumphs Over Muni with 1-0 Score in University Boundary Match

Kyambogo Triumphs Over Muni with 1 0 Score in University Boundary Match
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In a university football match between Kyambogo and Muni, the police permitted the game to take place on the University grounds.

Vincent Kavuma, who was accompanied by Joyce Atuheirwe and Ismail Matovu, scored the only goal of the match at Bbanda, Kyambogo. The match ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of Kyambogo in the Pepsi University Football League.

The game had intense moments from the start, with the players displaying great skills. As every minute passed, tension grew higher, and it seemed like both teams were evenly matched. However, Kavuma managed to break the deadlock with a goal in the 90th minute.

During the 80th minute of the game, Kyambogo earned a free-kick near Muni’s goal, which ultimately led to their victory.

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The game took a dramatic turn when the ball was deflected towards Muni’s goalpost. Kyambogo’s player, Hudson Mbalire, seized the opportunity and scored, securing the win for his team.

The match ended after 90 minutes of intense play, leaving Muni players and fans disappointed. Kyambogo emerged victorious, and the police had to intervene to ensure order and security.

After the match, the police maintained a presence to prevent any potential altercations between the two teams and their supporters. The situation remained peaceful, and both teams returned to their respective campuses without further incidents.

Christopher Lobbo, the spokesperson for Kyambogo, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome of the match, while acknowledging the spirited effort from Muni.

Today, Victoria University faces YMCA Comprehensive Institute in another exciting match as part of the ongoing university football league, with high expectations for a thrilling game.

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