SC Villa Suspends Fan for Misconduct

sc villa suspends fan for misconduct
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SC Villa’s disciplinary committee has taken action against Ali Kigongo, a member of the Villa Park branch, for misconduct during a match against Maroons FC on February 1st at Muteesa II Stadium, Wankulukuku.

The decision to suspend Kigongo was made following a disciplinary hearing attended by committee officials Sam Gubala Nadiope, Duncan Biyinzika, and Dr. Kassim Senyange. In a letter addressed to Kigongo, he was informed of his suspension for verbally abusing match officials.

As a consequence, Kigongo is banned from attending the next two home matches against Vipers and Express FC, and he is required to undergo steward training again. The disciplinary committee emphasized the importance of maintaining respect and integrity within the fan base, warning that any future acts of hooliganism could result in a lifetime ban from attending SC Villa home matches.

John Bosco Ssebadduka, the chairperson of the Villa Park branch, supported the decision, stating that Kigongo’s punishment should serve as a lesson to other fans. The branch plans to further caution Kigongo during a meeting next week to sensitize fans about appropriate behavior.

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SC Villa’s disciplinary actions come in the wake of previous incidents, including a deduction of 2 points and 2 goals by the FUFA Competitions Rules and Regulations committee due to fan misconduct during a game against Wakiso Giants last season at Muteesa II Stadium, Wankulukuku.

SC Villa is scheduled to play away against Kitara FC in Masindi at 4 pm in the Uganda Premier League.

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