Sherly Botes Appointed Head Coach of Crested Cranes: A New Era for Women’s Football in Uganda

Sherly Botes
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In a groundbreaking move for Ugandan women’s football, the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) officially announced the appointment of Sherly Botes as the new head coach of the Crested Cranes. The confirmation came on Wednesday, November 15th, during a press conference at the FUFA Complex in Mengo.

The unveiling ceremony was graced by the presence of FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses  and FUFA CEO Edgar Watson. Magogo Moses, in a statement to the media, expressed his enthusiasm for the new chapter in the women’s national team’s history.

“I take this opportunity to announce the new head coach of the women National team (Crested Cranes) Sherly Botes,” declared President Magogo, emphasizing the significance of the appointment.

The appointment marks a crucial development in Ugandan women’s football, as Sherly Botes assumes the role with a wealth of experience and expertise. The seasoned coach, who has been handed a three-year employment contract, will be at the helm of not only the senior Crested Cranes team but also the U17 and U20 squads. This holistic approach aims to nurture talent from a young age, ensuring a pipeline of skilled players for the national team.

President Magogo highlighted the meticulous process undertaken to select the right candidate for the head coach role. “It has taken us time to find the right person for the head coach role, and in Sherly, we have found the perfect person to do the job,” he asserted.

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In addition to overseeing the national teams, Coach Botes will collaborate closely with league club coaches, fostering a unified approach to women’s football development in Uganda. This collaboration is expected to create a seamless transition for players moving from club to country, enhancing the overall standard of women’s football in the nation.

Sherly Botes, known for her dedication and tactical acumen, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and conveyed her commitment to elevating Ugandan women’s football to new heights. “I am honored to lead the Crested Cranes and contribute to the development of women’s football in Uganda. With the support of FUFA and the entire football community, I am confident that we can achieve great success together,” remarked Coach Botes during the press conference.

As the Crested Cranes embark on this new era under the guidance of Sherly Botes, the Ugandan football community eagerly anticipates the positive impact on the women’s game and the emergence of a stronger, more competitive national team.

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