Uganda Cricket Team Names Jackson Ogwang as Interim Head Coach

Jackson Ogwang to Lead Uganda Cricket Team on Temporary Basis
Jackson Ogwang to Lead Uganda Cricket Team on Temporary Basis
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Jackson Ogwang has been the assistant coach of the Uganda Cricket Cranes for the last six years. He will now take on a bigger role as the head coach during the ICC T20 World Cup Qualifier in Namibia next month.

This is a significant moment in Ogwang’s career, although some may question if he is ready for this responsibility. However, according to a source at the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA), the team already knows what to do, and Ogwang will continue with his current duties. The team’s lineup is also quite stable.

Ogwang has been serving as the deputy to Laurence Mahatlane for the past three years, and before that, he worked as an assistant to Steve Tikolo for the same duration. In other words, he is well-acquainted with the team’s setup. Ogwang will be taking over the coaching role temporarily.

Mahatlane’s contract will expire at the end of next month, just before Uganda heads to Namibia for the qualifier. During the tournament, Uganda will compete against teams like Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Kenya for a chance to secure a spot in the World Cup.

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