Uganda Netball Federation Loses Licence as NCS Disbands Organization

uganda netball federation loses licence as ncs disbands organization
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The National Council of Sports (NCS) has withdrawn the license of the Uganda Netball Federation (UNF), leading to uncertainty in the sport of netball. The decision was communicated on October 25, 2023, following an extended period of disputes, allegations, and counter-allegations between the regulatory body and its affiliated member.

This conflict has persisted for approximately two years, originating from Sarah Babirye Kityo’s election as the UNF president, succeeding Suzan Anek Ongom.

In a statement from the NCS, it was announced, “The National Council of Sports (NCS) regrets to announce that we have today withdrawn the Certificate of recognition previously issued to the Uganda Netball Federation (UNF), and that the Federation will no longer conduct any business related to the Sport of Netball on behalf of the Government of Uganda.” The decision was attributed to ongoing governance and leadership challenges within the UNF, as well as the organization’s failure to adhere to the laws of the game and their own statutes.

Among the specific allegations against the now disbanded UNF are the operation of six bank accounts, amendments to their constitution without due process, and inadequate financial accountability.

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Previously, Sarah Babirye Kityo accused NCS General Secretary Bernard Patrick Ogwel of soliciting a kickback and requesting an explanation for funds she had not received.

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