World Netball Steps In: Peace Proscovia Takes Role in Netball Committee

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Peace Proscovia, a key player in the She Cranes, has joined the Uganda Netball Federation’s normalization committee. This committee, led by Moses Mwase, was appointed by World Netball to oversee netball activities in Uganda until new elections can be held.

The decision came after World Netball advised the Uganda Netball Federation Executive Committee, led by President Sarah Babirye Kityo, to step down due to governance challenges. The National Council of Sports had withdrawn the UNF’s certificate of recognition earlier, citing leadership issues and non-compliance with laws.

World Netball emphasized the importance of proper governance and exclusive rights for its members. To avoid the suspension of UNF membership, they recommended the formation of a normalization committee. This ad-hoc committee, including Peace Proscovia, will manage the day-to-day operations until new elections are conducted.

In response, the High Court rejected a request for an injunction by Sarah Babirye Kityo and the UNF Executive Committee against the National Council of Sports. The court ruled that Kityo lacked the authority to make such an application, and the mandate rested with the registered Trustees of the Uganda Netball Federation.

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