10 Candidates Shortlisted for Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) Executive Director Position

10 candidates shortlisted for uganda communications commission ucc executive director position
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The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has selected 10 candidates for the Executive Director position, following the publication of the job vacancy in September 2023, which attracted 70 applications from across Uganda.

Out of the initial applicants, the UCC has narrowed down the choices, leaving 10 individuals from both government and private sectors as the most suitable candidates for the role.

Here is a summary of the shortlisted candidates:

Candidate Name Background and Qualifications
Eng. Irene Kaggwa Currently serving as the Acting Executive Director at UCC, with a background in engineering and degrees from universities in the United Kingdom and Uganda.
Fred Otunnu Director of Corporate Affairs at UCC, with extensive experience in international relations and ICT regulation, along with qualifications in social sciences and law.
Julianne Mweheire Director of Industry Affairs and Content Development at UCC, possessing over 13 years of experience in the telecommunications sector and qualifications in telecommunications management and business management.
David Ogong Former UCC Director of Competition and Corporate Affairs, with a background in UCC but considered less likely to be selected.
Anthony Katamba Previously head of Legal Affairs at MTN Uganda, known for strong accusations against MTN officials.
Nyombi Thembo Former Minister of State for ICT and currently serving as the Director for the Rural Development Communication Fund (RCDF) at UCC.
Eng. Christine Mugimba Director of ICT and Research at UCC, bringing extensive experience in communications regulation and qualifications from Ugandan and international institutions.


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The selection process involves the UCC board of directors choosing five candidates from the shortlist, which will then be forwarded to the Minister of ICT, Chris Baryomunsi. The Minister will further narrow the selection to three names, from which the President, Yoweri Museveni, will appoint the next Executive Director of UCC.

The UCC plays a crucial role in regulating Uganda’s communications industry, overseeing telecommunications, data communications, broadcasting, postal and radio communications, and infrastructure in the country. The sector contributes significantly to Uganda’s GDP, making it essential to have a competent individual at the helm of the regulatory body. In 2022, the telecoms industry saw an increase in gross revenues, further emphasizing the importance of selecting a capable Executive Director.

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