Ministry of Public Service Introduces Advanced HCM System to Reform HR Management

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The Ministry of Public Service is set to launch a revolutionary Human Capital Management (HCM) system to address irregularities in recruitment and salary structures within government and public institutions. This new platform is designed to enhance efficiency, transparency, and control compared to the current Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (IPPS).

Catherine Bitarakwate, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service, emphasized the importance of the HCM system in modernizing human resource management. She stated that the new system addresses past shortcomings, particularly the lack of integration with the financial system, which resulted in inefficiencies and inconsistencies.

The HCM system incorporates advanced features such as improved pension management, performance tracking, service pay administration, and budgeting capabilities. It is expected to provide a more transparent and accountable system for managing human resources in the public sector.

One notable aspect of the platform is its seamless integration with the National ID program, streamlining data logging and enhancing accuracy in personnel records.

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As of now, HCM is operational in over 80 self-accounting institutions, with plans for rapid expansion to cover all 111 target institutions, including agencies and public universities, by the end of the year. The comprehensive rollout demonstrates the government’s commitment to implementing HCM nationwide.

One of the strengths of the HCM system is its robust controls over salary scales, aiming to prevent manipulation and ensure fair and equitable practices in government staffing. This feature addresses concerns about irregularities in the recruitment process.

The public sector in Uganda has faced human resource challenges, including temporary recruitment halts for a comprehensive payroll audit. The introduction of the HCM system is expected to streamline processes, integrate features, and implement enhanced security measures, ultimately creating a more efficient and transparent system for managing the country’s public service workforce.

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