Uganda Airlines Launches Mobile App for Customers

Flying Reinvented Uganda Airlines Latest App Guarantees First Class Customer Care
PHOTO - UG Airlines - Flying Reinvented: Uganda Airlines' Latest App Guarantees First-Class Customer Care
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Kampala, Uganda – Uganda Airlines has recently launched the Uganda Airlines Mobile App, a tool designed to offer convenient access to the airline’s services for travelers.

The launch event occurred in Kampala during August and marked a significant step for the airline’s efforts to enhance services. The primary goal is to create a user-friendly and streamlined process for booking, ticketing, and overall shopping experience for passengers.

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Uganda Airlines CEO, Jennifer Bamuturaki, emphasized the increasing reliance on mobile phones for various activities, including travel. In light of this, the company aims to prioritize convenience for all travelers through this app. Bamuturaki noted, “Through this app, we are taking a meaningful stride in improving the travel experience for our customers. Our focus is on simplicity, efficiency, and ensuring travelers can easily access our services.”

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The Uganda Airlines Mobile App, accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones, offers comprehensive flight details and tools for customer support, consolidating these services into a unified platform for customers’ convenience.

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